Philip's New House in Koskina, Evia

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Two corner views

Corner view High corner view

The roof looks weird here, but it will be an interesting shape with terracotta tiles.

This is the side that faces out over the valley (view of the valley)

Front view

On this side of the house will be a garden, with a path connecting it to the courtyard below the old, original building, which is on our right. Behind the new house as we look at it here will be an access driveway, then behind that, on a higher level, the vegetable garden.

Plans of downstairs ...

Downstairs plan

I like the layout of the kitchen/dining area and living room - open plan, but with a clear division of space. That's a fireplace in the lower left corner, against the wall between the living room and the bathroom. The chimney passes through the main bedroom upstairs, so as to make the most of the heat.

... and upstairs

Upstairs plan

I really like the way the architect made the workspace up here open plan, with plenty of light and a door on to the balcony. Of course, if someone wanted to, they could easily put up a wall and make it into another bedroom, but if I go to live there, that will be where I spend most of my days.

The main bedroom has its own bathroom (with shower but not tub) and walk-in wardrobe. Not that I need a walk-in wardrobe, but I can use it as a walk-in junk room. Or I can grow marijuana in there under artificial lighting, or whatever.

On both floors lesser-used rooms have been placed along the north side (left in the diagrams) and windows there have been kept to a minimum. That's the side the really cold, strong winds blow from in the winter.

The corner terraces (lower right on both floors) should trap the sun in the cooler months, but will be shaded in the summer, when the sun is higher in the sky.

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